Style Guidelines for the Girl Who loves Flats

Ballet flats are comfy and elegant alternative to heels. You can wear them to your most sophisticated office attire, girly summer dress and a satin jumpsuit for a night out. These versatile shoes come in variety of styles and can add a real Parisienne je ne sais quoi to your look. But, when shopping for flat shoes, it’s important to remember few golden rules:

  1. Always pick ballet flats with comfortable sole. After all, if you are going to wear them all day long, they might as well be as snug as possible. AnnBlanche takes care of it: all our ballet flats have double cushioned and padded insoles to give you superior comfort.
  2. Look for good quality materials: eco-friendly PU leather and fully flexible rubber soles
  3. Go for sizing that will fit to your foot and the other way round!
  4. Choose a style you can wear with any outfit in your wardrobe: think of the clothes you wear the most – which of the ballet flat colors will look best with them? If you are not sure, pick the ones most universal, like our elegant black and white Sonnet Ballet Flats – that happen also to be our bestselling pair!

Now that you have picked your favorite ballet pumps, it’s time to style them! There are few great ways to wear these shoes to compliment your style, just see few of the examples below:

Crop the hems

Ballet flats look best if there’s a little skin showing between the shoe and the trousers’ hem. So each time you put the pants on, remember to roll the hem few times to show your ankles and display the beautiful shape of your ballet flats. This style will also flatter your figure – did you know that cropped jeans can elongate your legs and polish your look? Try it for yourself!

Dare to Bare

Flat shoes are made to be worn with summer dresses and skirts. If you are tall, you can wear any length of dress – from shorter to full length maxi dress, but with a petite frame, you will look best with shorter skirts – above the knee. This will help you elongate the body.

If your legs still look pale after the winter, consider applying delicate fake tan to give yourself more ‘beach-ready’ look.

Go Skinny

Skinny Jeans and leggings will look best worn with ballet flats – any fitted trouser length that ends at the ankle will be perfect with this kind of style shoes. This outfit can get smart make over when teamed with a blazer and a shirt. Perfect for an office look!

Catch the bus!

Have you ever tried to catch the bus wearing heels? Yeah, me too. It never happened so far. Living in a big city, I appreciate flat shoes. Sprint to cross the street, escalators, traveling or shopping with heavy bags can all end with sprained ankle if wearing wrong shoes. Ballet flats give you more comfort and mobility in all unpredictable situations!

Be casual and elegant

Flat shoes can be as elegant or casual as you want – it’s your call! If you feel like leggings and baggy sweater today, no problem – simply pick super comfy Daniella flats. However, if you want to wear something more elegant, such as tailored black trouser suit, match it with our rather sexy leopard and red Annabell shoes.

Lengthen your legs

Did you know that a simple trick of wearing beige or nude ballet flats can help you elongate your legs? This is often used by Chanel – their signature ballet pumps are beige or cream with a black tip. Try it for yourself today – pick our popular beige Leopard Ballerina Pumps with Black Tips.

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