How To Dress Well For the Office

How to dress well for the office

Whether you like it or not, people can judge you on your appearance. That can have big impact on your career path - if a possible employer does not take you seriously based on the way you dress, you might have less of a chance of getting a job of your dreams when competing with other candidates.

Even with already established career, we are still required to follow certain dress code when working in the office - unless you work for Mark Zuckerberg, of course!

What are the guidelines when picking up an appropriate outfit for the office? We prepared few golden rules, which can help you next time you are shopping - simply have a look below:

1. Familiarize yourself with your company’s policies

In some places, where you do not have to face a customer, the dress code might be more relaxed and not so strict – you might get away with jeans, a blazer and colored pumps. At the same time in other industries you could be expected to wear pantyhose under your skirt (bare skin can be a big no no for some), white shirt and a suit jacket, with shoes covering your toes and heel.

Make sure to see what others are wearing and stick to this rule. If you do not like wearing high heels all day, remember to invest in a good quality pair of ballet flats with cushioned soles to give you comfort all day long. Buy office friendly Ann Blanche Sonnet ballet pumps in classic black and white design online now!

2. Inject color by matching pout to your pumps

If you like wearing elegant black outfits to your office, make sure to add a touch of color with little accents – colored shoes, nail polish or a lipstick. The more co-ordinated, the better. If your ballet pumps have burgundy tips, like Ann Blanche Daniella ballet pumps,  match them with similar shade lipstick or a nail polish.

3. Make sure your clothes fit

It goes without saying, but we often don’t realize that our shirt is too tight stretching at the front button fastening or our trousers are too long giving us an un tidy appearance with worn out hems. If you are not sure about a fit, ask for a second opinion – we are used to wearing certain style every day (baggy fit), which doesn’t go well with elegant work outfit.

4. Keep your shoes polished

How many times it happened to you to put on shoes with worn out heels? It’s a common problem especially with stilettos, and it can give out untidy impression, no matter how polished the clothes you wear are. Remember to keep your shoes in immaculate condition, well-polished and pick flat shoes instead of heels to avoid any future mishaps.

5. Wear rich dark colors to portray authority

According to researchers darker colors give stronger impression than light ones. Picking black suit jacket and trousers when running presentation will give you bigger impact than wearing pale green outfit. That is the power of first impression, and people do it unconsciously. Therefore it is important to get your look right when dressing for the office to give your career the best chance possible.

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